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Israel’s Public Security Minister’s ‘Killer Instinct’

The euphoria following the gradual return to normal after the coronavirus, thanks to the successful vaccination drive, must not allow us to forget what is really at stake in the choice between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s camp and that of his opponents.

But if anyone has forgotten, Public Security Minister Amir Ohana provided an instructive reminder of the potential for danger in Netanyahu’s continued rule.

Ohana posted a screenshot on his Facebook page from a filmed interview with him that was published on the digital platform of the Israel Hayom newspaper.

In the photo he is seen at a shooting range aiming at a virtual target on which the words “center bloc” are written.

In the full clip, to which a link also appears on Ohana’s Facebook page, the same shooting range is shown and the public security minister’s voice is heard asking whether he should aim at the center.

Ohana deleted the post shortly after it was posted, and said the target he had been aiming was the figure of an armed terrorist and that the words “center bloc” had been added afterward without his knowledge.

“In reality,” Ohana said, “I was shooting at figures of armed terrorists and I asked whether to shoot at the center” (the center mass).

In the final editing the words ‘center bloc’ were added, which did not appear in reality, and could have given an interpretation unconnected to reality.”

Then – without an ounce of shame – he dared preach unity, and added “we will defeat our political opponents at the ballot box. We are not enemies. We belong to the same people.”

Ohana’s apology is meaningless. Even if this was a matter of editing by the staff of Israel Hayom, Ohana shared the clip clearly knowing what they had done, and even chose a screenshot in which he is seen shooting. In short, a pretense of innocence from a political bully with no boundaries.

It turns out that once again the “sourpusses” have lost their sense of humor, and don’t understand that this was a “humoristic interview,” as Israel Hayom said in a clarification, and “as part of the editing of the video funny graphics in poor taste were added. There was no intention to promote violence and we apologize if someone was offended.” The clip was subsequently removed from the website.

They say that the camp of Netanyahu’s rivals lacks Netanyahu’s “killer instinct.”

What is said less frequently of him is that those in the sights of all those “killers” on the right, whether Netanyahu or his obedient ministers, is not some foreign and dangerous enemy, but rather half the public, always marked as an internal enemy.

Netanyahu and his band must go. Their continued rule is just too dangerous.