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Italian death toll passes 1,000, mortality rate hits 6.7%

As France and Germany scramble to suppress their own national outbreaks while casting a wary eye toward Italy – yet they stubbornly refuse to close borders like other European countries have – French President Emmanuel Macron has just announced that he plans to close schools and universities in the country beginning on Monday.

France reported 595 new cases of coronavirus, and 13 new deaths, raising its total to 2,876 cases and 61 dead.

Slovakia, which was one of the last countries in Europe to confirm a case of the virus, announced that it’s planning to close all of its borders to non-residents and close all international airports as part of a drastic ban on international travelers that puts the US travel ban to shame. The country’s decision is a direct blow to the EU’s “open borders” agenda.

The decision to close borders comes just hours after Slovakia, The Czech Republic and Hungary declared state of emergencies over the outbreaks, despite having relatively few cases.