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Italian rabbi warns: ‘Listen to the Israeli government – they’re right’

Rabbi Sandy Wilshensky, a Chabad emissary in Milan, Italy, described to Israel’s Kan how Italian citizens are handling the coronavirus pandemic.

“Thousands of people are ill. The healthcare system is collapsing. The government is trying to prevent the disease from spreading and has asked people not to leave their homes,” he said. “Supermarkets are also limiting the number of people who enter.”

“Patients over age 60 do not receive any attention,” he added, warning: “Follow the Israeli government’s guidelines – they’re right.”

A full 189 people have died in Italy in the past day, and the country’s death toll has already passed the 1,000 mark. Another 2,651 Italians have been diagnosed with coronavirus since Thursday, bringing the total number to over 15,100.

Meanwhile, Berlin has announced that all schools and preschools will be closed next week, and public transportation will be cut to a minimum to help limit the spread of coronavirus.

Poland reported its first coronavirus death on Thursday: A 57-year-old woman who died in a hospital in Poznan. Greece and Australia have also reported their first deaths.

Ireland’s government announced that it would shut the education system due to the recent infections, while the Czech Republic’s government said it would ban the entry of tourists from 15 countries, including China, Spain, Italy, and Germany.

The Washington Post published satellite photos of mass graves in Qom, Iran, where hundreds of people who died from coronavirus were buried. So far, the Iranian government’s statistics show that 479 people have died from the disease.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told a press conference that the pandemic is “the worst public health crisis for a generation,” adding: “It is going to spread further and I must level with you, I must level with the British public, many more families are going to lose loved ones before their time.”

The Spanish government said that its members would undergo testing for coronavirus.