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Italy directs request to Israel’s Health Ministry

Italy’s Health Ministry has asked the Israeli Health Ministry for permission to use the Israeli educational video describing the coronavirus infection chain.

Italian government officials were also joined by government officials from Georgia and Ukraine, who have approached International Relations Deputy Director Einav Shimron to allow them to use the “infection chain” video and broadcast it in their countries.

This is a world-renowned Health Ministry video showing the rapid infection of the coronavirus and how it passes from one hand to the next when touching common surfaces: door handle, elevator buttons, ATM keys, supermarket cart, parking ticket buttons, and public use surfaces.

The film produced by the Government Advertising Bureau shows the speed of infection and the importance of using tissues and wipes while avoiding direct contact with public surfaces and emphasizing the importance of hand-washing.

The video is broadcast on all TV networks and has been translated into Arabic, Russian, English, and Amharic.

Shimron said: “We’ve allowed all countries that contacted us to use the video freely. We’re ready to provide all our information materials to the world’s countries.”