Italy records 812 more virus deaths as rate of new infections further slows

Italy is seeing a continued slowdown in the rate of its new confirmed coronavirus cases, while registering a record number of people cured, as the country enters its third week into a nationwide lockdown.

Another 812 people died in the last day, bringing Italy’s toll to 11,591, more people having died there than in any other country.

A 15% death rate resulting in the spread of the coronavirus has been recorded in Italy.

Overall, Italy added 4,050 new infections Monday, bringing its official total to 101,739 and keeping its place as the European epicenter of the pandemic and second only to the United States.

Epidemiologists say the real number of Italy’s caseload, however, is as much as five to 10 times more than the official number, but that those cases are not being counted because Italy is only testing people with severe symptoms.

Of those infected, 14,620 have been declared cured, including a record 1,590 in the past day.

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