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Jacques Vallee, The Functioning Lie and the COVID Scandemic

I presume it is reasonable to admit that most of your readers don’t know Dr.Jacques Valee. Maybe they should. He is a first rate scientist and an honest man.

He wasn’t writing about the scandemic but he could have been. Anyway, what he wrote certainly applies to this BIG LIE and it can help us fight against this evil.

Most people who are trying to do something against this 24h/24h -365/365 lies about a virus with 0.26% mortality rate are making a mistake which consists in believing that this permanent lie/propaganda could be fought using rational arguments.

If only the people would listen to honest scientists, writers, journalists, we would put an end to the WEF’s dystopic and scientific dictatorship.

They are wrong. Dr.Jacques Valee explains why:

Human actions are based on imagination, belief, and faith, not on objective observation – as military and political experts know well.

Even science, which claims its methods and theories are rationally developed is really shaped by emotion and fancy, or by fear.

And to control human imagination is to shape mankind’s collective destiny, provided the source of this control is not identifiable by the public.

  • Jacques Vallee -Passport to Magonia.

Endless articles, youtube videos etc…exposing corporate media and state lies won’t change the situation.

What’s to be done ?

Maybe honest authorities on human psychology can make some suggestions, even though we don’t have the tools of power the psychopats have.

Source: Anaya Binta – LewRockwell