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Jean-Luc Mélenchon assures that France must leave NATO and considers Russia as a partner

The leader of a French left-wing party [La France insoumise à l’Assemblée nationale] and aspiring to the presidency of the European country, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, has called on France to withdraw from NATO, revealing that he views Russia as a partner for Paris and not as an adversary.

Also, the leader of the rebellious party from France shared his attitudes about a new cold war and his country’s place in it during an interview he gave to the broadcaster France Inter on Monday.

The ideas that he expressed during his speech formed a long hilo on his Twitter account.

The politician advocated efforts to relax the international situation and not to follow Washington in the new cold war against China and Russia.

Therefore, leaving NATO would be beneficial to France, as it would not be part of the “military adventurism“from the United States, Mélenchon opined.

“I am in favor of leaving NATO. You have to de-escalate. If we leave NATO, we will not be dragged into the logic of the cold war that the Americans have with Russia and China “, declared.

The politician blamed the West for the current confrontation with Moscow, precisely the Alliance expansion from the North Atlantic to the east.

“Russia is a partner. I do not agree with making it an enemy. We incorporated 10 countries to NATO in the east, which was seen as a threat by Russia. Especially when anti-missile systems are installed in Poland“, added Mélenchon.

He also spoke out against any plan to incorporate Ukraine in NATO.

Such a step, he pointed out, would erode further the security situation in Europe, as it would inevitably be perceived by Moscow as a new “threat” against it.

The politician plans to run in the presidential elections next April. In the last elections in France, Mélenchon obtained around the 20% of the votes in the first round. However, he failed to move on to the second.