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Johnson and Johnson: One-shot COVID-19 vaccine shows promise in early safety study

More than 90% of participants in an early safety study of Johnson and Johnson’s one-shot coronavirus vaccine, made immune proteins within 29 days of receiving the vaccine, Time reported.

All formed antibodies within 57 days, according to the report, and the immune response lasted for the full 71 days of the trial.

“Looking at the antibodies, there should be good hope and good reason that the vaccine will work” in J&J’s late-stage clinical trial with 45,000 volunteers soon to report results, J&J Chief Scientific Officer Paul Stoffels said.

According to Stoffels, the one-shot vaccine generates more neutralizing antibodies than other Covid vaccines, which entail getting two shots.

He estimated that the vaccine could prove to be over 70% effective.

Unlike previous vaccines, which have aimed to directly trigger an immune response, the new coronavirus vaccines are based on technologies whereby genetic material is inserted into the body so that the body itself produces virus spike proteins that induce the immune response.

The J&J vaccine is said to be an adenovirus-based vaccine that uses a weakened live pathogen as a delivery method (vector) for a recombinant vaccine using a small piece of the virus’ genetic material to encode the coronavirus spike protein in the body and thus trigger an immune response.

Header: UKRAINE – 2020/11/24: In this photo illustration a medical syringe and a vial with fake coronavirus vaccine seen in front of the Johnson & Johnson logo. (Photo Illustration by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Source: Arutz Sheva