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Judaism: Rabbi Nachman, corona and the Redemption

Before his ascent to the Upper Worlds, 23 years ago, Rabbi Yisrael Ber Odesser, “Saba” Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman Mi(from)Uman, had spoken often about the coming Redemption of the Jewish People and the final perfection of the world.

In fact he said the Redemption will start on the Purim holiday, celebrated just about a week ago. The relatively few disciples of Rabbi Yisrael were not much surprised by the dramatic and sudden turn of events related to the corona virus pandemic, particularly the both dramatic influx of the disease into the United States, the world’s superpower, and the reaction to it there, during the days of the Purim holiday. Many of them surely see this as indicative of the start of the final redemption process.

One of the sayings of Rabbi Nachman, reflecting one of his fundamental Torah teachings was, “There is a reality in which everything turns around for the best.’

The Purim story is characterized by the theme of a sudden and dramatic and sudden change of fortune.

Not only are Mordechai and Esther instantly extricated from mortal danger, but so are the Jews. They are given royal authority to defend themselves on the day previously set for their legal annihilation. This soon leads to a mass slaughter of the empire’s antisemites. The Jewish People, delivered from threat of total destruction, now are so much the subject of admiration, prestige, and awe that a mass conversion of gentiles to Judaism occurs.

As a result of the coronavirus, the world is, in many ways, turning upside down. Few would argue with that. The President of the United States first said about the corona virus, “It will go away” expressing the sentiment that he did not expect far reaching change in the United States as a result of the disease. Clearly today his opinion has turned around.

Indeed many in the Jewish World, and the world at large presently are more inclined to Rabbi Yisrael’s revelations about great global change and the Redemption than they are to President Trump’s original exhortations to expect a return to the status quo.

Rabbi Yisrael informed us during his lifetime that “the Final Redemption is very close”. Furthermore, referring to the words of the Prophet Micah (7:15) כימי צאתך מארץ מצרים אראנו נפלאות “As in the days when you came out of Egypt, I will show my wonders.” he said that during the final Redemption process ,”There will be astonding events and miracles greater than the Exodus from Egypt!”

He also notified us, that “All the Nations of the World, will fall upon them,plagues”. This alludes to the abovementioned Torah teaching, that the first (Egyptian) Redemption will be similar to the future, final and complete Redemption. The “plagues” that Rabbi Yisrael referred to, obviously parallel the ten plagues that Pharaoh and the Egyptians incurred upon themselves for resisting Moses’ demand that the Children of Israel be liberated from bondage in order that they proceed with the divine plan to receive the word of G-d and worship Him in the Land of Israel, in The Temple In Jerusalem. While the “plagues visited upon Egypt were not all diseases, some of them, like the afflictions of boils on the skin, lice, and the death of livestock were certainly, at least similar in nature, to disease. Also, perhaps, the Death of the First Born sons could be seen that way.

Perhaps the most far reaching consequence of the corona plague will be the already looming economic toll. Rabbi Yisrael also alluded to a change future world economic reality.

” . . .The land of Israel grows fruits and bread, more than the whole world. . . If they need bread they have to buy, but not us. Indeed we will have enough to provide bread and fruits to the whole world and everything else. . . ”

In one of his dreams, Rabbi Yisrael relates that a son of a wealthy American presidential family, asks his father for financial support. To this the father replies he has no money as it has all been “burnt”, In another comment, Rabbi Yisrael remarks that in terms of material sustenance, the Americans only have “papers” apparently referring to documentation of financial assets, and at this present moment, very likely, the value of those assets are being significantly devalued and “burnt”.

Rabbi Yisrael juxtaposed the future economic woes of the world with the agricultural beneficence in the Land Of Israel. “The Land of Israel gives a blessing. It gives bread and fish, much of them, in Haifa, Yafo, and also the Sea of Galilee. In his references to the future abundance of fish in Israel, Rabbi Yisrael did not omit the Dead Sea, which due to its great salinity has no fish at all! However, in a recently published article, it was reported that it is projected that on March 21, 2020 the level of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) will reach within 20 centimeters of its maximum capacity, the dam holding back the waters from flowing into the Jordan River, on the way to the Dead Sea, will be opened. As of now, the Kinneret is about 66 centimeters below its maximum capacity and currently Israel is experiencing a major storm expected to continue for the several days! it seems, as a non expert, that the waters of the Sea of Galilee will soon be joining the torrents now cascading in the Judean Desert on their way to a natural (divine) desalination project of the Dead Sea!

It is well known in Israel that its wheat crops are not sold for local Israeli bakeries. Some of the tasty yield of Israel wheat is sold to Italy for the production of spaghetti, “pasta di Israeliano”. It is safe to assume that sales of this Israeli wheat to Italy will be down this year. Perhaps this means that Israelis will be amply supplied in the not too distant future with bread made from home grown wheat, further substantiating Rabbi Yisrasel’s words on Israel bread production.

It is most pertinent and urgent to publicize these following words of Rabbi Yisrael, spoken at least 25 years ago:

“They will say that we have heard of a tune, like this, Na Nach. All of France and England will be filled with Na Nach. Also Italy, all of the countries and China. They will ask, What is Na Nach? They will have no other question (author’s emphasis) “What is Na Nach? This tune which is able to cure every disease. They will be amazed . . They will see with their own eyes, a disease which has no cure, like a cancer, . . . Rabbi Nachman will say, that it will go away and then it begins to leave . . The world will say . . What is going on? Where did it go?” (Neazach Yisrael, page 876, published recordings)

Rabbi Yisrael once commented, without arrogance, on a famous and most esteemed figure in the Torah world whom he had met in Israel “He knows a little bit about the Redemption. I know everything about it!”

Rabbi Nachman, said, over two hundred years ago, (Sefer ha Midot, zadik, 151 and other places) “All the redemption is dependent on adherence to the Tsaddik (righteous Leader of the nation)” he was not just implying himself!

President Trump said at first that the corona virus will go away. It has not. Indeed the United States is in trouble. England, France, Italy and China are scrambling. So are many other places. However, Rabbi Israel said, “If we accept Rabbi Nachman’s teachings, the Mashiach and the Geulah (redemption) will come….. and there will be miracles”. . . greater than have ever been experienced in history. If Israelis, Jews and gentiles the world over, take this to heart, we have reason to hope that everything will turn around for the best and they will have nothing to worry about from the Corona virus – or anything else..

Original: Arutz Sheva, article by Barouch Levy