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Prof. Yoram Lass: “Destroying the country. 7000 new patients? They are not sick”

One listener told about an article that deals with the reliability of corona tests.

Professor Yoram Lass commented on his remarks, expressing his opinion on the data: “The test is too sensitive and does not differentiate at all between a live virus that is dangerous, and particles that are not dangerous.”

One listener referred to the data regarding the corona plague, and wondered how one can know with certainty that the plague is not a large-scale disaster. Can the situation only get worse?

Professor Yoram Lass responded to the listener’s question and explained what is behind the opinions he has been voicing since the outbreak of the plague in China.

“There was no epidemic in China – one million Chinese die every month, and 4,500 Chinese have died from the corona to date.”

Source: 103FM – MAARIV


Former Health Ministry Director Prof. Yoram Lass today apologized to Jewish-American attorney Prof. Alan Dershowitz, for accusing him two weeks ago of “raping a girl.”

At the beginning of his program on 103FM radio, Prof. Lass said, “I’d like to apologize to Prof. Dershowitz for my statements regarding him on my program and to retract any allegations I made against him.

“The words were based on my mistake. I am very sorry, I am really very sorry, if he was caused distress,” Prof. Lass added.

Prof. Lass’ apology came after about a week ago, Dershowitz filed a huge defamation lawsuit against Lass and Radio 103FM for a total of about $1 million.

Dershowitz’s lawsuit charges that “the defendants (Professor Lass, together with the CEO, Chief Producer, and Program Editor of the radio station) not only disseminated baseless lies, and not only did they not take any appropriate measures to confirm their veracity prior to or pursuant to the broadcast, they even attempted to lend credibility to their slander (the fabricated accusation that Dershowitz raped young girls together with Jeffrey Epstein) by falsely claiming that Professor Dershowitz admitted these acts and reinforced these clearly worded and viciously libellous claims through repetition to add emphasis.”

The lawsuit states that “Professor Lass’ remarks are libel of the highest order, because they disparage and humiliate Dershowitz and turn him into a subject of hate, ridicule, and contempt.”

Last Thursday, during a conversation with a caller, Lass accused Dershowitz of raping underage girls, tying the veteran jurist to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein. Dershowitz had served as Epstein’s attorney, but has vigorously denied allegations he was either a close friend of Epstein, or that he was ever visited any of Epstein’s residences while young women were present, calling allegations he had relations with young women trafficked by Epstein slanderous and untrue.