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K2: Still Looking for Answers. The search is on for the missing climbers

Those who followed the tragic events on K2 six months ago are watching the current teams’ progress with keen interest, especially now that climbers have reached Camp 3.

On February 5, Muhammad Ali Sadpara, John Snorri, and Juan Pablo Mohr left from that spot toward the summit and never returned.

Their fate remains a mystery.

The only one who made it back from that group was Ali’s son Sajid. He turned around when his oxygen system failed.

Sajid has returned to K2 to discover what happened to his father and the other two.

Elia Saikaly and Pemba Kaji Sherpa are with him, along with a Pakistani support team.

In other words, the search is on.

Sajid Sadpara, Elia Saikaly, and Pasang Kanji reached the so-called Japanese Camp 3 on K2.

It’s lower than the usual Camp 3.

“You can imagine that emotions are running high, particularly for Sajid, who is determined to find his father and our missing friends,” Saikaly reported from Camp 2. “PK and I are doing our best to support him. He has his father’s strength and unparalleled spirit.”

In a YouTube video (linked below), it is reported that Sajid Sadpara said that the 3 missing climbers and he jumped across a 2.5 meters wide crevice on their way up K2.

It is also said that the telephone company received some sort of call (a “glitch”) from Snorri very near the crevice when the 3 must have been on their way down.

In the comments section somebody claims that the signal came from a place somewhat below the normal altitude of this place, suggesting that they fell into this crevice on their way back.

If they did, there is no way to retrieve their bodies when the crevice has closed in the meantime, which is very likely.

PS: I just cannot imagine how someone can jump across a 2.5 meters wide crevice, with gear and at such an altitude at that.

Source: Angela Benavides – EXPLORERSWEB