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K2 Winter: Bad weather but perfect weather for us – Mingma G. Journal

The night on 30th December was an awful night.

We had wind the whole night and Kilu started complaining of chest pain. We checked his oxygen level and it was only 43 which were actually worrying situation.

We fit him with oxygen but he complained more difficulty in breathing with oxygen so he took off the oxygen.

I made a call to my friend, @dr.sherpa_nima who is a very experienced high altitude doctor and he suggested to use ….tablet.

The horrible night passed and next morning on 31st Dec, we all descended back to base camp. We were 5 people descending together so we had to be very careful not to fall the rocks.

While descending we met several members from the 7 Summit team going up to Camp1 for the first time.

Reaching back to base camp, @nimsdai invited us to join the New year’s Eve celebration at his camp. After our dinner, we were heading to their camp which was almost 10 minutes walk from our camp, we met two Sherpas on the way who were sent by Nims to invite us because Nims was expecting us at his camp by evening. It gave me a kind of warm feeling.

The New Year’s Eve celebration that night created an environment to know each other more. It created very good bonding between my team and Nims’s team. We shared alot about our plan and weather.

The weather on 2nd January was the best day to try to fix Camp 4 but we were very tired to go up and use the perfect day. So we planned to wait for another better weather window. Our new weather report showed continuous bad weather till 8th January.

It was good for my team because Kilu was sick and I had injured my legs from boots.

Kilu had to complete a 5 day’s medicine course and I was using my own medicine to heal the wounds.

We discussed and decided not to take Kilu to the summit if he didn’t get recovered but it was our luck that he was fit and fine after completing 5 days of medicine and my legs were healed too and we were again ready for another Challenge.

Source: Mingma G – FB