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K2 Winter: Camp2 – Mingma G. Journal

As per plan, @nimsdai team left the base camp on 12th January to Camp2.

They reached Camp2 around 3-4 o’clock. They were carrying heavy loads so they started a day earlier and our plan was a day later because we were not sure about our camp at 7000m and we wanted to start only knowing about our camp at 7000m.

In the daytime, @ashok_wenjha_raithe manager of the expedition, took some good pictures of K2 and saw our tent in the picture.

Zooming the lense, we could see our tent at 7000m. It looked to be a flat so we knew our tent was broken but it is still there.

Next morning we woke started the climb at 3:30 am. We reached Camp1 at 11am in the morning. We cleaned our tent at Camp1 and packed our sleeping bags which we kept there drying. We also packed the tent because we needed it there at 7000m and above.

When we were closer to Camp1, we could see Nims dai team climbing above House Chimney. We calculated the time and we knew it won’t be possible for them to reach Camp3.

We understood they were tired on the previous day and we also knew their bags were heavy because they were carrying everything in one push especially after they lost things at Camp2 to wind.

We have huge respect for these brothers for their hard work and daring step.

We told them to leave some of the rope there and we would help them carry to Camp3 next day because we were climbing with lighter weight as our oxygen and 600m rope were already taken to Camp3 on 30th December.

When we were climbing above Camp1, Nims dai called me on the radio and told us our equipment at 7000m were in good shape but the tent was completely broken.

We started chatting a little bit and Dawa from Base Camp asked everyone to take a rest on 14th January because the weather continued showing very high wind and it was impossible to climb on that weather condition.

Like we guessed, they couldn’t make their way to actual Camp3 so they stayed at Japanese Camp3 which is above Black Pyramid.

We also reached our camp at 7000m at around 5 pm in the evening.

@kilu.sherpa.5 and @dawatenjin reached an hour earlier than me so they had already set up new tent before I reached there.

Source: Mingma G – FB

Header: K2 – Chimney House. Image – Mingma G