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K2 Winter: Fixing above Camp 3 – Mingma G. Journal

Nims and his team reached Camp 3 almost an hour earlier than us.

When we reached Camp 3, some of the Sherpa were setting the camp and Nims with 2 Sherpa continued fixing rope above Camp 3.

We also set up our camp and then started boiling the water.

It was already 5pm, still they were fixing the rope so we asked them to return back but they kept continuing.

Fixing almost 300m rope, they finished all the snow bars so they descended back to Camp 3. When they arrived back to camp, it was already getting dark.

We talked a little bit on our next day plan and it was planned half will go to fix Camp 4 and half will take rest.

Those who take rest at Camp 3 will leave earlier the next morning for the summit so that everyone gets equal rest and the burden of the work will be divided.

We had 1200m rope separated for the final summit push and it was agreed everyone would carry 100m each and divide the rest of the rope with snow bars and ice crews equally.

We were expecting high winds at night but it was a very calm night and we slept well.

Source: Mingma G – FB

Header: Nirmal Purja – Nims’ on K2 – Winter Ascent