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K2 Winter: Fixing Camp3 – Mingma G. Journal

Nims Dai knew about me and I knew about Nims but we never had any introduction or we never talked with each other properly before.

We met twice in 2019 but never talked with each other besides shaking hands in a program.

The next day on 30th Dec we started fixing the rope we had and most of the places we cut old ropes from the previous climb and reused them.

I hope the news won’t be misled here again.

We cut the ropes but we made sure the climber’s safety and made sure we cleared the remaining properly and no accidents happened from those points.

Using old ropes and fixing our new 300m rope we reached at 7300m just below the icesection at camp3.

When we were close to the ice section, Mingma Tenzi from Nims’s team arrived and he helped us fix the 90m rope which touched the ice section where we stopped and deposited the remaining gears and 600m rope.

Actual camp3 is almost 200m climb above the ice section so we started descending down because it was getting late.

Descending about 200m below, we met Nims with 200m rope of 10mm which was quite heavy. It was so good to see Nims Dai and Mingma Tenzi there because they were not acclimatized; still they came all the way to camp3 bringing rope to help us and they should have been happy because we had finished most of the hard work on K2, still the way to camp4 and summit were the way to go.

Then we all 5 Nepalese descended back to our camp at 7000m where we had formal introduction with each other sharing tea and discussed little bit on our mission and plan.

We spoke for a few minutes only but that was the moment which made Nims’s team and my team to be one team on one mission because we both were not guiding and we both were climbing for our Nation and for the climbing community.

It started getting dark so Nims Dai and Mingma Tenzi descended back to lower camp2 with a torch light. We also got inside the tent and Dawa started cooking and Kilu and I stayed behind him like kids waiting for food and we spent the night at 7000m.

Header: Climbing above the Black Pyramid.

Source: Mingma G- FB