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K2 Winter: NEXT LEVEL of energy – Mingma G. Journal

On 10th Jan, Nims team went to Camp2 to check their gears and also to transfer rope, oxygen and other gears.

When some of their Sherpa reached at Camp2, they found all their gears at Camp2 were blown away and remained nothing.

They returned back to base camp late at night. Next day, I went down to Nims camp and we started discussing and start planning.

As per the report, the weather on 12th January was shown with little high wind, 13th and 15th January were shown good weather and high wind on 14th January but sunny day.

The weather for 16th January was good but not perfect day to try summit.

The plan was to try K2 summit on 15th January if the weather remains stable whole the day, otherwise at least fix the Camp4 in this weather window.

Nims team plan was to start on 12th January to Camp2, 13th January to Camp3 , 14th January rest at Camp3 and summit try on 15th January.

We were not sure about our camp at 7000m so we decided to start one day later so that we can prepare ourselves with the things lost at7000m.

My team planned to leave on 13th January directly to 7000m only after knowing our camp’s report from Nims Dai team on 12th January because some of them planned to go and sleep at our camp at 7000m.

But we were lucky that our equipment were all there inside the broken tent.

We knew other team won’t follow us because they were not acclimatized, they had nothing above Camp2, the weather was not good and route above Camp3 was not fixed.

Except 5 Sherpas who fixed Camp3 and 3 Sherpa from 7 Summit team, no other climbers went above Camp2 before 11th January.

Also nobody believed we would reach summit if try also.

In final Nims brought his idea of going together on summit and sing our National Anthem.

That made everyone in the team very excited and patriotic. His idea gave everyone NEXT LEVEL of energy and encouragement. We said, doesn’t matter if we loose some fingers or toes, we will make the summit at any cost.

Source: Mingma G – FB