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K2 Winter: “The press promoting untrue stories’ – Nirmal Purja

There has been a lot of bad press and negative stories recently about what went on #K2winter.

It’s not only disappointing but it saddens me a lot that some people would seek to blame others for their own failure.

The press and medias are just as much of a disappointment for promoting untrue stories and for not going to the right sources.

Guys, in everything, if you follow or listen to people who have failed or who have a negative mindset, it’s not gonna do any good to you. During the United Kingdom’s Special Forces Selection, normally there would be around 200 of the finest men from the whole armed forces attempting to pass the selection and Sometimes Only 6 people make it.

If you listen to the stories of those 194 who have failed, you will never try the selection, because people who fail always have an excuses.

Losers always have excuses whereas winners always find a way. Where you want to be is up to you.

The evidences will speak for themselves anyway.

Wait out until the K2winter movie comes out.

Original: Nirmal Purja – Facebook

Header: Nirmal Purja – Nims’ on K2 – Winter Ascent