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K2 Winter – “Today is your birthday and our plan was to celebrate”: mountaineer Tamara Lunger dedicates an Open letter to her partner Juan Pablo Mohr

“I miss you JP!”, the Italian mountaineer Tamara Lunger starts in an Open letter, dedicated to her partner, Juan Pablo Mohr, the Chilean national athlete who ventured on K2, the second largest mountain in the world, but that on Saturday was reported as missing with two more mountaineers.

“Today is your birthday and our plan was to celebrate, but instead I am here speechless, with tears in my eyes and many questions. Knowing that the chances of seeing you again are close to zero”, says Lunger in the letter posted on Instagram.

“I am grateful to have been lucky enough to meet you with your smile, your energy and all the passion and love within you. That this was just for of such a short duration which I did not expected it and it breaks my heart now, so much! The mountain this time has taken so much from me, right now it also seems it tkes from me the love”, she continues. Thank you very much for this intense time, it was a great help to have you close to me with all this tragedies “, continues the Italian woman.

“I also mourn for your family and I send to them all the strength I can! My heart also cries for Alì (Sadpara) and John (Snorri) (the other two lost mountaineers), the mountain this time has taken so much from me, right now, I think it also takes the love for what I do”, she continues.

“This expedition for me was the most brutal that I have ever experienced. An adventure that started as a dream and ended in a nightmare that will haunt me for a long time! Looking ahead now will be the thing to do! It will be difficult but I will do my best! I can. I’ll start from here: I’ll try to turn my back on K2 to find some peace. Today we all set off for our journey to home”, says Lunger.

“JP, Alì, John, Sergi and Antanas (the Bulgarian mountaineer found dead in K2) – I will carry you in my heart forever” – she concludes, saying goodbye to his companions.


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Still no news about missing K2 climbers Juan Pablo Mohr, Muhammad Ali Sadpara, John Snorri.