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Key day: Rescue operation will focus on an igloo created by human hands on K2 [?]

After the postponement of the rescue work on K2 due to the bad weather, finally this Friday the efforts to find Juan Pablo Mohr (33), a lost Chilean mountaineer , together with the Pakistani Ali Sadpara (45) and the Icelandic John Snorri (47), resumed.

The good news is that, according to the Pakistani media UrduPoint, the rescue efforts will focus on a single place, which according to satellite images, stands as the most likely location for Mohr and company.

Local media revealed on Friday that the satellite images that were released by Iceland and Chile and shared with Pakistan show the last location of three missing climbers traced through satellite images.

“The last location of Sadpara and John Snorri has been identified, so today the largest search and rescue operation will take place on K2. According to sources, this location has been found thanks to satellite images. Sajid ( Sadpara’s son) is receiving his guidance in the air operation. ”

The search has been carried out in close collaboration with the Icelandic Space Agency, which according to the same source, released a statement saying that “it was possible that the climbers had made an ice cave and took refuge inside.”

This information is consistent with that provided by Nabeel Alvi , photographer for the Times of Islambad in Pakistan , who assured that “Ali Sadpara and his team have allegedly created an ice igloo”, sharing a series of aerial images that would show the supposed path that the mountaineers followed in order to take refuge.

For now, neither the Chilean Government nor the Pakistani Government have provided official information in this regard, and we will have to wait for the results of this intense day of search, which, at least for now, has the climate in favor.

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Source: Javier Garcia – ELCANCHA – Chile

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Header: K2 Bottleneck area (in red) on the SAR satellite images, provided by Iceland’s Space Agency. Shared on


The Chilean Ambassador to Pakistan, Jorge Daccarett, said that a “weather window” is expected this Friday that will allow the search for Chilean Juan Pablo Mohr , who has been missing since the weekend at K2, to resume.

The expedition of mountaineers and Sherpas will be led by Rao Ahmed.

The atmospheric opening would also allow the air search to resume. This means that the Pakistani Army helicopters would fly over heights of more than 7,000 meters, expanding the area in which this “rake operation” is carried out.

Source: ELCANCHA – Chile