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Killing Sinwar is a priority: IDF knows that elimination of senior officials impacts Hamas’ morale

The IDF achieved several successes on Sunday in its ground operation in the Gaza Strip thanks to the precision bombing of the city of Gaza, significant aerial strikes both above and below ground, and also thanks to its chipping away at Hamas-held territory from north to south.

Members of the Hamas leadership, including commanders, were also targeted. The IDF knows that such hits create significant pressure on the terrorist organization, which may ultimately lead to its collapse.

On Sunday, for example, a Golani Brigade managed to eliminate 30 terrorists – and the enemy sees that. Simultaneously, soldiers of the Southern Command managed to take control of outposts and even found tunnel openings.

The IDF also knows that it is necessary to eliminate the leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Yahya Sinwar – and prioritize both his elimination and the elimination of various terrorist organizations.

Hamas is also concerned over Al-Jazeera broadcasting the IDF spokesperson’s daily briefings, which include the urging to leave Gaza City toward the south. Hamas is worried that are increasing number of Gazans are heeding those Israeli warnings.

The IDF is pushing people to go south and plans to continue delivering humanitarian aid where necessary, whether in the form of water flow from Israel or by bringing in goods into the Gaza Strip.

In the north of the country, the army continues to strike any terrorist cell found in the area, aiming to prevent Hezbollah from reaching the border area. The terrorist organization has paid a heavy price for its actions, even if the exact numbers are not disclosed by the IDF. In the West Bank, security forces continue to thwart terrorist activities.

  • A ceasefire is not currently on the table for the IDF, which continues to advance its operations throughout the country. Knowing that the war will continue for a long time, the IDF understands that despite having legitimacy for its actions, the clock is ticking: 240 people are defined as captives, and 25 others are missing.

Source: Lilach Shoval – Israel Hayom