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King Charles III may be considering name change

King Charles III is reportedly considering the possibility of a name change to distance himself from Great Britain’s controversial kings, Charles I and Charles II.

  • A source told the London Times in 2005 that then-Prince Charles was considering avoiding the name Charles when he became king due to both previous kings’ reigns being “tinged with so much sadness.”

The source said that Charles was giving consideration to using the name King George VII after his grandfather King George VI, according to FOX News.

King Charles I had a strained relationship with the English parliament that eventually led to a civil war and his execution. He also was criticized for marrying Queen Henrietta Maria, a Catholic. He was widely disliked for dissolving parliament on a whim and once dissolved parliament for 11 years over a disagreement.

His royal army was also defeated by Oliver Cromwell’s parliamentarians which led to the English Civil War and his execution in 1649.

His son Charles II was forced into exile for almost 10 years before ascending the throne in 1660 but was also controversial ruler who dissolved parliament in 1679 until his death in 1685. He was considered a hedonist and nicknamed “The Merry Monarch” for leading a court full of adultery and gambling, according to historical sources. He also supposedly father over 14 illegitimate children.

But an anonymous source told The Guardian that Charles III was not considering a name change.

  • “Anyone who knows the Prince of Wales knows he does not sit around talking to his chums, discussing what he wants to be called,” the source said. “Inasmuch as officials have discussed it with him at accession planning meetings the thinking was that he would remain, Charles.”

Queen Elizabeth II passed away at the age of 96 on Thursday after ruling Great Britain for 70 years.

Source: Dan Verbin – Arutz Sheva