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Knesset approves changes to Basic Law allowing for PM rotation

The Knesset has held the first reading on alterations to the Basic Law that will allow for the position of Prime Minister to be rotated between Netanyahu and Gantz.

72 MKs voted in favor and 31 voted against. Yamina MKs were not present during the vote.

Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit has submitted his response to the Supreme Court regarding the petition to the court asking to disqualify any MK who is under indictment from forming a government.

The petition is patently directed against Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been indicted for several offenses. The court is set to rule on the petition next week.

In his response, Mandelblit said there was no legal impediment to Netanyahu forming a government.

The position the Attorney-General takes is that despite the significant difficulties that are raised in the petition, they do not constitute sufficient grounds for judicial intervention that would prevent a majority of MKs from promoting a new Israeli government headed by Netanyahu.