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Video: Kurdish force makes appeal after female fighter captured alive by Turkey-backed militia

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Kurdish women’s armed group in northern Syria issued an urgent plea for international help to save one of their fighters who was wounded and captured alive by Turkish-backed Syrian militias that have been accused of committing war crimes.

“On October 21 at 21:00, the gangs of the Turkish invading state attacked the village of Mishrafa in Ain al-Issa leading to a fight between our forces and the gangs. Cicek Kobane (Çîçek Kobanê) was injured in her leg and fell captive to the gangs of [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan,” read a statement from the YPJ, the all-women branch of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in northeast Syria.

A video published on Telegram channels linked to the Syrian militias show a militant carrying the captured Kurdish fighter. The militants call her pig and say she will be taken to slaughter.”

The YPJ called on the international community to urgently intervene to save Cicek Kobane (Çîçek Kobanê):

“We call on all the women of the world and international human rights organizations to speak up against this brutality of Turkish-backed gangs,” said the YPJ.

The video was made public at least 24 hours ago. The fate of Cicek Kobane (Çîçek Kobanê) remains unknown.

”Çîçek Kobanê was captured by mercenaries during the North Eastern Syria invasion. She comes from Kobanê and has defended her country on the front line. Her life is in great danger. We call on the international community not to remain silent about the dirty actions of the Turkish state.”

There is evidence of the Syrian militias desecrating the body of another female Kurdish fighter, Amara Renas (see image – below, check video inside the article provided on link).

”On the evening of October 21, in the Çelbê village of Kobanê, our fighters were holding their front positions in the framework of their right to self-defense. The Turkish state and its gangs attacked them with heavy weapons despite the ceasefire agreement. Based on their right to self-defense, our fighters responded to the Turkish army and its gangs. Our comrade Amara and a group of our comrades resisted until the last moment. The barbaric treatment of these gangs of the body of our comrade Amara are the very same methods of the Islamic State. With a sacrificial spirit, our fighters rose up in the Resistance for Dignity against the occupier gangs of the Turkish state, in Serê Kaniyê, Gire Spî (Tel Abyad) and beyond. The rage and hatred of these gangs is a result of our fighters’ resistance.”

”The Turkish state and its gangs are committing great atrocities against struggling women, to annihilate the ancient cultures that women represent. These gangs tied to the occupying Turkish state that have brutalized our comrade Amara show the extent of the fascism of this state. Yesterday, Barîn in Afrin. Today, Hevrîn and Amara. These dirty and immoral actions are the outcome of the Syria policies of Trump and Putin.”