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Libya on the brink of full-scale war

Within several days, Tripoli was completely besieged, and the LNA spokesperson gave the GNA forces in Tripoli and Sirte a three-day ultimatum to withdraw, otherwise they would be slaughter. The deadline began on mid-day December 19th and would last through Sunday December 22nd.

Interesting, Ankara appears to be sure that the GNA, with Turkey’s active support can secure Tripoli, and has thus plans to enter the conflict in full-scale. This is with the sole aim of providing legitimacy to its activity in the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as spreading its influence in the northern African region.

Currently, however it appears that an escalation between Turkey and Russia is unlikely, since Russian President Vladimir Putin said that dialogue was happening and that there would be subsequent meetings in order to avoid any mishaps.  The only remaining question is how will Turkey and Russia coordinate their activities in Libya, as they support rival sides.