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Libyan National Army (Haftar) resumed advance on Tripoli

The GNA undertook no withdrawal, and the LNA’s offensive on the besieged Tripoli began anew.

LNA-linked sources then reported that al-Qaeda linked terrorists were appearing in Misrata, where the main forces supporting the GNA are located.

Making gains in Tripoli, the LNA published videos of capturing Salah al-Din district (in south of Tripoli).

The LNA has reportedly taken control of 90% of the country, and gaining control of the last strongholds of Tripoli, Sirte and Misrata appears to be just a matter of time. There is heavy propaganda from both sides, and if what the LNA says is to be believed, then Tripoli could potentially be captured soon.

At the same time, reports by the GNA of gains and accusations that LNA is targeting civilians also continue.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan going around on a propaganda tour, in an attempt to gather more support for the GNA and justify Turkey’s highly likely deployment to Libya.

On December 25th, he visited Tunisia and made some astounding claims:

“We take steps with the internationally recognized Sarraj administration,” Erdogan said referring to the GNA. “Let us not allow other actors to oppress our brothers and sisters in Libya.”

“Under what name did the so-called Wagners, which include 5,000 actors from Sudan and 2,000 from Russia, come to Libya? What are they doing there?” the President said.

Turkey’s support may be too little too late, if the LNA’s offensive is going as well as advertised. By the time Turkish parliament approves the draft bill to send troops in support of the LNA, the GNA’s forces may be overwhelmed.

Header: Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, the commander of the LNA, had a meeting with Generals from the LNA to coordinate the renewed advance.