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Lockdown is the ultimate safe space for leftist sheep, and now they’re afraid of returning to real life

A Google search of the phrase “I’m anxious about lockdown ending”, or for similar terms on social media, reveals a number of people who really took it to heart when the state sold them on the idea of home being a safe space from the virus.

Now that lockdown is being lifted, they’re worrying about having to go back to socializing normally with people instead of living largely behind a computer screen.

They’re nervous about venturing out into a world of non-zero risk where COVID is still lurking. Many also apparently enjoyed lockdown because it alleviated their Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO).

During lockdown, there were far fewer posts on social media showing people having a great time traveling or partying, thereby making others feel as though their own life was lacking. The government ordered everyone to become homebodies during the pandemic, and suddenly those who didn’t particularly enjoy their life or want to take responsibility for improving their lifestyle found themselves in the same boat as the people who had pre-pandemic lifestyles they envied.

“Does anybody else have anxiety about lockdown ending?” asked a Cosmopolitan magazine writer last month, pointing out that lockdown has been good for her mental health. According to the BBC, emerging from lockdown is sparking social anxiety. “In a weird way, lockdown has become a kind of comfort zone,” says a writer for Stylist magazine.

“Comfort zone” is really just another term for safe space – something that’s synonymous with leftists and their perpetual quest for comfort, both emotional and physical.

The odds of these people being on the political right is pretty low.

A Boise State University analysis found that compliance with lockdown and other government pandemic recommendations was split along party lines, with “Democrats far more likely to comply with recommendations than Republicans across the board, with the largest disparities for not eating out, not leaving the house, not going to the gym, and following federal/state regulations.”

The study also found that “those without college degrees are more likely to voluntarily comply” with restrictions.

In other words, dogmatic, left-leaning sheep incapable of critical thinking are more likely to blindly follow whatever big government tells them to do, than those who are right-leaning and who have a healthy and earned distrust of big government and its constant lies.

During the crisis, there were those who defied the restrictions or found workarounds in order to keep the impact on their lives to a strict minimum.

They continued to go about their business relatively normally, assessing that whatever personal risk of COVID-19 or sanctions they faced for doing so was worth it. In some cases, the decision to do so came after realizing that their government really didn’t know what it was doing, given the constantly changing protocols around everything from virus behavior to protective equipment.

It’s hardly surprising that these independent-minded people also became targets for the lockdown true-believers.

Again, it goes back to that fear of missing out and the notion that the lockdown abiders couldn’t stand the fact that some people were carrying on relatively normally and relegating the Covid fiasco to background noise. The Left loves citizen policing of everything from pronoun use to recycling practices, and the pandemic provided them with yet another opportunity to virtue signal by using government restrictions to paper over their own insecurities, under the guise of taking down their ideological foes a peg or two.

These people were already mentally weak and barely equipped to deal with daily life – as their fear and anxiety towards the current lifting of restrictions proves – and lockdown offered them protection from their own weaknesses by forcing everyone into the same state of helplessness for the better part of the past 14 months.

They behaved towards anyone deviating from their mindset like prisoners finking to the prison guards about the fact that a fellow prisoner was planning an escape. They spent their time on social media and in real life wagging their fingers at others who they considered a threat to society for not adhering to what these insecure sanitary fascists considered proper behavior.

And now that an increasing number of people are protected by COVID-19 antibodies, they’re stuck having to turn their attention inward to fix their own lives – something that the government allowed them to escape having to address for the past year.

Thanks to COVID, we now know exactly what lies at the heart of the morally righteous Left’s criticism: projection of their deep psychological issues more than anything else.

Source: Rachel Marsden – RT