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‘Lockdown isn’t working’ admits Israeli Justice Minister … ‘We need HARSHER measures’

According to Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn (Blue & White), the government has no choice other than to impose an even stricter lockdown, in order to combat the continued spread of the coronavirus.

Speaking with Kan Bet, Nissenkorn admitted that in its current form, the lockdown was simply not achieving its goals, and that as a consequence, the lockdown would have to be made “significantly” harsher.

“We are trying to balance the needs of the economy with the urgent need to combat this virus,” he said. “We are doing our utmost to support the economy, providing grants to businesses and so forth, but despite all our efforts, it appears that we will be obligated to impose yet more restrictions after Yom Kippur.”

With regard to the question of reducing salaries for judges, just as MKs and government ministers have now taken upon themselves, Nissenkorn said that “I support such a broad wage cut. We must show solidarity as a public service sector – we have to show that we are attentive to the situation and in touch with the public’s plight.”

Nissenkorn was also asked for his opinion on the ongoing saga surrounding Australia’s demand that Israel extradite Malka Leifer in order to face abuse charges in Melbourne. “I will sign on the extradition order,” he said, “once the Supreme Court rules on the matter. This case is a gaping wound for the [alleged] victims and for the Australian government as a whole. The decision reached by the District Court was clear. Israel must not become a place where fugitives flee justice.”

Header: Police officers at a synagogue in the ultra-orthodox Jewish neighborhood of Meah Shearim as they close shops and disperse public gatherings following the government’s decisions, in “an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus”. March 30, 2020. Photo by Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90 *** Local Caption ***

Source: Arutz Sheva