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‘Lost Caravaggio’ unveiled ahead of $170 million auction

After two years of restoration, a Renaissance oil painting thought to be by artist Caravaggio, has been unveiled in London.

French art expert Eric Turquin said his 150-million-euro ($171 million) valuation was based on the 160-million-euro price tag Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum and the Louvre in Paris put on a pair of Rembrandt portraits they jointly purchased in 2015.

The painting’s existence was first referenced in a series of letters written by dukes and art dealers who were thinking of buying it four centuries ago.

The 1.44-meter by 1.75-meter (57-inch by 69-inch) canvas depicts the moment the widow Judith beheads the Assyrian general Holofernes to defend her besieged Jewish city of Bethulia.


Source & full article on The Times of  Israel

Image: A painting, believed to be the second version of ‘Judith Beheading Holofernes’ by Italian artist Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, is pictured during a photo-call in London on February 28, 2019, following its restoration. (Daniel LEAL-OLIVAS / AFP)