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Lukashenko threaten with consequences if Poland closes border

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said in an interview with RIA Novosti that he is ready to stop the transit of energy resources in the event that Poland implements threats to close the border.

“Listen, when the Poles or some other Poles strangle me, I will look at some contracts? Come on, what are you talking about?” – he said.

When asked if he was serious about this, Lukashenkp replied: “Of course, seriously.”

“The Poles decided to close our border with Belarus . Okay, close it. We do not travel to the European Union very often. Our interest today is in Russia, China and the East. Mainly to Russia, is China going through us? ” Lukashenko asked.

According to him, the southern border between Russia and Ukraine is closed, that is, they will not pass through Ukraine, through the Baltic states we carry on our shoulders – there are no roads.

“Therefore, before making statements on their part, you need to pick up your chicken brains and think about what you are rattling,” the Belarusian president said.

He invited the Poles to close the border and see who would get the most damage from this.

“Who will you close it to the detriment of yourself? And then, you will close it. <…> Then think about how you will buy energy resources from Russia,” Lukashenko said.

Recently, relations between Minsk and Warsaw have deteriorated against the background of the migration crisis, in which the parties blame each other.

Poland is considering the possibility of closing the border with Belarus, through which part of the Russian gas is supplied to Europe.


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