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Majority of COVID-19 patients recover due to natural immune response, expert says

Nearly 80% of people diagnosed with COVID-19 recover due to the natural response of their immune system, head of the pulmonology clinic of the Federal Research Clinical Center under the Federal Medical-Biological Agency Alexander Averyanov said on Thursday.

“There are two ways the novel coronavirus can develop. The majority of patients, which is about 80%, have a natural immune response after SARS-CoV-2 begins to replicate, overcoming the infection, and the person gets better. With this category of patients, no matter what drug we prescribe, the patient will recover,” he said during an online session of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Research Council dedicated to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, 20% of patients develop a disproportionate immune response, which causes the immune system “to work against its own body.” He noted that this leads to lung damage.

Averyanov pointed out that there is no drug or method of treatment that can stop the virus and its damaging effects so far.

He added that after taking Lopinavir or Ritonavir, every second patient develops a toxic reaction.

Hydroxychloroquine and Mefloquine also cause significant side effects without demonstrating antiviral properties.

The expert added that Favipiravir is not a “salvation” either, and using blood plasma to treat COVID-19 patients does not reduce the death rate, as the vitals of those who got blood plasma during treatment and those who did not are the same.

Source: TASS