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‘Masks are Sharia-lite!’ Explosive conservative host compares Covid-19 orders to ‘ISIS & TALIBAN policies’

Filling in for conservative Rush Limbaugh on his radio show on Monday, Steyn began his lockdown critique by comparing the canceling of live musical performances to performers being killed and banned in the Middle East by none other than Islamic State (IS, ISIS/ISIL) terrorists.

“You know the last time I was writing about societies banning music it was ISIS and the Taliban,” Steyn said. “I’m creeped out by the fact that we’re basically adopting ISIS/Taliban policies on music.”

“They actually beheaded a bunch of musicians, I think it was on the Libyan coast, ISIS did, when they caught them with their cellos. Why are we adopting ISIS policies on music?”

Though many live musical performances have been canceled due to the pandemic across the US, musicians have been taking to social media to put on digital concerts for their fans.

Steyn also called cities that require citizens to wear coverings “Sharia-lite.”

“I’ve never liked burqas and niqabs and all the rest of it because I don’t want to be walking through a city surrounded by masked people, I think it lowers social trust,” said Steyn. “And now we’re adopting it?”

“If this is the new normal I don’t want to live like this,” he added.

Steyn added that lockdown measures will turn the US into Afghanistan, a country the US has had a military presence in for 19 years.

“It’s like some kind of Sharia-lite version that’s going on. In the end who cares whether the Taliban gets back in Afghanistan because we’ll look pretty much the same when this is all through.”

Conservative commentators have begun expressing staunch opposition to orders in states continuing to keep businesses shut down and enforcing social distancing measures, though Steyn appears to be the first to compare such orders to ISIS.

Even President Donald Trump has supported various anti-lockdown protests across the country and tweeted on Monday his support for the country to “reopen.”

Source: RT