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Watch: ‘Meeting hassidic Jewish celebrities – How are they different?’

Peter Santenello has travelled the world looking for the human side of every community of people in search for a harmony that seems to escape more divisive media platforms.

Since recently visiting Borough Park in Brooklyn, and being guided by Ami Magazine writer Shloime Zionce, Santenello seems subtly drawn to the hassidic philosophy that doesn’t remain a matter of theory, but expresses itself in concrete reality that the hassidim build themselves wherever they take root.

“The Hasidic world has its famous celebrities. In this video, we meet a couple of them – Bari Weber & Benny Friedman – who share their interesting perspectives about the world.”

Responses have been warm. A look through the comments section below the YouTube video has feedback from netizens like GTRsupreme, who wrote: “I’m really enjoying this series. I feel enlightened after watching an episode.”

Ljoyiah Gray-Cobbins wrote: “The Jewish have such clarity and a beautiful way of explaining life.”

Pearl Gross responded to the video: “Peter, your videos are refreshing. Most people who talk or write about orthodox Jews, especially about hassidim, come with an agenda which does nothing but increase hate, never mind spreading so much false and misleading information.

“The serious ‘Unorthodox’ is inaccurate and some content downright false. For example: The premise that Chasidic women are not allowed to play piano is simply untrue. I’m amazed how creative people get to spread wings of hate.

“Peter, I have never seen anything as non-judgmental towards hassidim as your series. You are doing the world a tremendous service and I thank you for this.”

Abul Naim Uddin wrote: “I love their discipline and how devoted they are to GOD.”

“2 hours north of NYC is an amazing Hasidic Jewish organization that does everything in the community, from fixing your plumbing to saving your life, and it’s free!”

Header: Members of Jewish Orthodox community gather around a journalist as he conducts an interview on a street corner, Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2020, in the Borough Park neighborhood of the Brooklyn borough of New York. Gov. Andrew Cuomo moved to reinstate restrictions on businesses, houses of worship and schools in and near areas where coronavirus cases are spiking. Many neighborhoods that stand to be affected are home to large enclaves of Orthodox Jews. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Source: Arutz Sheva