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Military medics note high effectiveness of using blood plasma of vaccinated people

Research carried out by the Kirov Military Medical Academy shows that treating coronavirus patients with blood plasma provided by vaccinated donors is more efficient than with plasma provided by recovered patients, the Russian Defense Ministry informed on Saturday.

The ministry stated that treatment of COVID-19 patients with plasma provided by vaccinated donors began in Russian military medical institutions since November 2020.

“The first organization that used this method was the Main Military Clinical Burdenko Hospital in Moscow. The Kirov Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg is carrying out research work on estimating the efficiency of using plasma of vaccinated people in treatment of the novel coronavirus. Research has shown a higher virus-neutralizing activity of plasma of vaccinated donors compared to the plasms of recovered patients,” the ministry informed.

The ministry added that people with a high antibody count are being selected to act as donors, which constitutes to about 10% of all vaccinated persons.

In 2020, over 100 liters of plasma provided by vaccinated donors was stored.

In 2021, the ministry plans to store over 120 liters of plasma, the message informs.

Source: TASS