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Min. Shasha-Biton: “Easy to sow hysteria, anyone with different approach labeled ‘denier'”

Education Minister Yifat Shasha-Biton on Wednesday slammed what she called an “unprecedented campaign” against her in recent days, emphasizing her opposition to conducting a campaign to vaccinate children during school hours in the upcoming school year.

“The unprecedented campaign, briefings and slander that have been going on against me in recent days will not deter me.

“The public should be concerned that anyone who presents a different approach to the struggle against coronavirus is immediately labeled a denier of the pandemic. To my delight, many experts and ministers share my view that we must live alongside the coronavirus.

“We have reached an absurd situation – all health problems in the State of Israel have disappeared and all that remains is to deal exclusively with the vaccination of children during school hours in September.

“Until the start of the school year, the Ministry of Health has 35 days in which it can focus on campaigns of information and vaccination encouragement and carry out its policy instead of engaging in a campaign of defamation and slander.

“We all know that the school days in September are few, due to the Tishrei holidays and the vacation days – salvation will not come from them.”

“I will continue to place before me the education system, teaching staff and students and their mental, social and physical health as I have done to date,” the minister said.

“It is easy to sow hysteria. It is more important to see the good of the public.”

Source: Arutz Sheva