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MK Idit Silman: ‘Likud offered me the Health Ministry and a spot on their list’

MK Idit Silman (Yamina) told Israel Hayom that the Likud was willing to offer her “hills and valleys” if she deserted Yamina and torpedoed the center-left government.

“I have certain offers,” she said. “They offered me to be Health Minister and to receive a place in the Likud for ten years. If I would have wanted to be in the Likud, I would have left here ages ago. It’ would have been so easy for me to be a queen, to be [like Yamina [MK Amichai Chikli and go to the Likud, but I’m here long-term and in order to bring my values to expression.”

Regarding the threats and harassment she has faced over the past few weeks, Silman said: “There were those following me, vehicles which followed mine day and night. You see people who are organized, who you wouldn’t want to meet in an alley at night. There was a person who whispered to me that he hopes I’ll be slaughtered.”

“My middle son, Eitan, who is 11 years old, did not go to school for a while. One of the parents turned to him outside the school and told him, ‘Your mother is the devil, may she burn in hell.’ A former teacher of one of my children came out against me on Facebook, with harsh words. There were protesters opposite the school of my eldest son, Ilai, and our young daughter, who is just six years old, has gone back to sleeping with us at night.”

Turning to her critics, Silman said: “I am not betraying – I am taking responsibility. We are the only ones who have not betrayed the nation of Israel. We need to get the country back on track.”

Silman also claimed that the incoming government will be as right-leaning as the outgoing government – and maybe even more so.

“I hear the fears, from here to Khan al-Ahmar, but at the end of the day our actions will be the test. The one who knew how to bring in the Left and throw us out was [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu. He is the only one who took care of the Left,” she emphasized, adding that “he should not tell us who is Left – every time, he threw us out and took the Left. Today he is sitting in a coalition with Labor and Blue and White, and he would happily take [Yesh Atid Chairman MK Yair] Lapid as well, if he could.”

Regarding the “flag dance,” which was delayed to next Tuesday, she said:

“The Cabinet, which is run by the government, ran from responsibility and placed it on someone else. In principle, it’s obvious that a person can walk around with an Israeli flag anywhere he wants, in any place, including at Damascus Gate and in the Old City. You can’t say that there is defiance at Damascus Gate when everyone in the South is walking around with a Kalashnikov. The question is whether the rule of law exists. Right now that’s not the situation.”

Source: Arutz Sheva