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Moscow mayor claims removing restrictions harder than introducing them

Making decisions to scale back the coronavirus-related restrictions turned out to be harder than introducing them, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said on Wednesday during his meeting with the troupe of the Oleg Tabakov Drama Theater.

“It was difficult to make decisions on the restrictions, including the closing of theaters. But those decisions were aimed at protecting against infection, illness, and death. Those decisions were tough but understandable. Not everyone approved of them, nor understood them. And when one is making the reverse decisions on the openings, they turn out to be even tougher,” Sobyanin said. He explained that when introducing the restrictions “the virus was to blame, while when lifting them you have only yourself to blame and accept full responsibility.”

“One needs to sense whether the right moment was chosen, factors dependent on the incidence of the disease, on economics, on culture, — all of them need to come together and one needs to make a decision on optimal restrictions or on their optimal removal,” Sobyanin added.

The remaining restrictions, earlier imposed in Moscow amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, will be lifted no earlier than in mid-July, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said on Tuesday.

“I think that the remaining restrictions will definitely not be lifted before mid-July. This is a two-months transition period, and we don’t want any setbacks,” he said.

On March 5, Moscow was put on the increased alert regime, with subsequent additional restrictions imposed over the coronavirus pandemic, but began lifting them since mid-May due to improvement of the situation. Gradually, many industrial enterprises and construction sites were reopened, as well as multiple state service centers, retail and services industry businesses

Since June 9, Moscow cancelled the self-isolation regime, outdoors schedule and passes for public transport. Beauty parlors and veterinary clinics are open again, restrictions on carsharing, visiting cemeteries are removed, movie studios and research institutes work as usual.

Since June 16, restrictions on general dentistry, libraries, museums, the Zoo will be removed, attending sports events will be allowed again. Besides, summer cafes will reopen, followed by stationary catering businesses. Since June 23, Moscow will reopen fitness clubs and will remove restrictions from kindergartens and social protection offices. Masks and gloves in public places will remain obligatory.

Original: TASS