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Mossad officer resigns after clashing with Israel’s spymaster

Channel 13 News reports that due to significant differences of opinion with Mossad director David Barnea, the leader of the Mossad’s ‘Cesarea’ special operations unit will be leaving his position.

According to the report, due to the difficulties involved in employing Israeli agents in countries around the world in the modern era, the head of the Mossad, Barnea, informed the commander of the unit that he intended to make significant changes in the way the Cesarea unit operates.

The commander clarified that he did not intend to implement the changes required, and at the end of a tense conversation it was decided that he would be asked to leave his position.

The commander’s deputy and several other agents resigned along with him. A new commander has been assigned and will implement the desired reforms in the near future.

When Barnea took office, several senior Mossad officials decided to retire, including the head of the technology department, head of the counterterrorism department, and the head of the department for handling agents.

It is estimated that these resignations were likewise brought on by the announcement of the changes Barnea intended to implement.

Source: Arutz Sheva

It is the fourth time that a senior Mossad official has resigned in seven months since Barnea replaced Yossi Cohen as director of the agency.

Last year, Mossad’s head of technology, head of operations, and head of anti-terrorism all resigned from their positions over alleged conflict with Barnea.

Barnea, who joined Mossad in 1996 before becoming head of its Tzomet Division in 2013, Mossad deputy head in 2019, and finally director of the agency in 2021, has been described as a “gadget-loving killing machine” and has reportedly sought to take Mossad back to a code of absolute silence – threatening both current and former agents who speak to the media about operations.

After being appointed director of the agency by former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in June, Barnea singled out Iran as its top priority, accusing the country of “making constant progress toward a weapons of mass destruction program.”

Source: RT