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Mother of officer who died in prison: ‘My son was healthy until the day before he died’

The mother of Captain Tomer Eiges, an intelligence officer who died in a military prison, has called for an investigation to be opened on suspicion of murder.

In an interview with Galei Tzahal, the mother said,

“Just like we sent our son healthy into the army, he was also healthy a day before he did. I spoke with him ten hours earlier, there was nothing that sounded off about him. There was no suspicion that something wasn’t okay with him.”

“His entire army service, he did things out of the box. That is what they wanted him to do, and that’s what he did do. Maybe he didn’t do everything with permission or authority, but that should have been part of the legal process. No one even reached that stage.”

Attorney Efrat Nachmani-Bar, who is representing the officer’s parents, said,

“So long as we are not certain – we need to assume that it was murder. It’s clear that there are those who have an interest in him committing suicide. You can eliminate people in all sorts of ways – there’s no need to shoot them. You can influence a person’s emotional state and cause him to do it to himself.”

An IDF statement said: “The captain died while he was imprisoned on a confinement base for a list of severe security crimes which were attributed to him. Immediately following his death, a criminal investigation was opened in order to clarify the circumstances of his death. The investigation is nearly completed. In accordance with the instructions of the State Prosecutor and with the ruling, we cannot provide the public with the materials and proofs from the ongoing investigation.”

In early June, an IDF intelligence officer died in prison under mysterious circumstances.

Shortly afterwards, a redacted report was released, showing that the officer had presented a threat to Israel’s security, and that there was an indictment against him and allowing the family to view the indictment.

Later that month, the officer’s father slammed the IDF for not informing the family of two medical events that his son suffered in prison.

He also claimed that the IDF “murdered” his son “indirectly” and “are continuing to blacken his reputation with all kinds of sensational leaks.”

Source: Arutz Sheva