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Musk makes it official: Twitter changes its logo to ‘X’

Elon Musk made it official on Monday, replacing Twitter’s famous blue bird icon with a white X, AFP reported.

Musk and the company’s new chief executive Linda Yaccarino announced the rebranding Sunday, scrapping one of technology’s most iconic logos in the latest move since Musk took over Twitter nine months ago.

  • Musk’s connection to the letter X goes back 24 years when he founded, which later was renamed PayPal despite his objections. His space company is called SpaceX and the parent company of Twitter was changed to X earlier this year.

He described the logo as “minimalist art deco,” and updated his Twitter bio to “,” which now redirects to, according to AFP.

  • If that wasn’t enough, Musk also tweeted that under the site’s new identity, a post would be called “an X,” challenging the public to stop referring to “tweeting” or “tweet.”

Musk has made a series of controversial changes to the platform. One of his first product moves was to launch a service granting blue checks to anyone willing to pay $8 a month, but the social media platform was quickly inundated by impostor accounts, causing Twitter to temporarily suspend the service days after its launch.

The relaunched service costs $8 a month for web users and $11 a month for users of its iPhone or Android apps.

In April, Twitter removed blue checkmarks from many high-profile users who did not pay the monthly fee to keep them.

Earlier this month, Twitter announced that its users will soon need to be verified in order to use TweetDeck, which was previously free and is widely used by businesses and news organizations.

  1. That move came days after Musk announced that unverified accounts in the Twitter Blue program (that do not pay for a monthly subscription) will be limited to reading only 600 posts per day, compared to verified accounts which will be able to read 6,000 posts per post per day. That number was later increased.

Musk explained that the reason for the move is “to deal with large volumes of information mining, or ‘scraping,’ and system malfunctions.”

In a later post, Musk explained that the new limitations placed on Twitter usage are meant to combat addiction to social media and encourage people to look up from their phones.

  • Twitter responded by threatening legal action against Meta, accusing Mark Zuckerberg’s company of unlawfully using Twitter’s trade secrets and other intellectual property by hiring former Twitter employees to create a “copycat” app.

Source: Arutz Sheva