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Mysterious red pools found near Dead Sea

Staff of Dead Sea resorts have reported finding that the water in several pools near the Dead Sea has inexplicably turned red. Samples have been taken for laboratory analysis.

Residents of the southern Jordan Valley region of Karak Governorate were surprised by the appearance of pools of red water of unknown origin near the Dead Sea.

According to the residents, it was observed that there was a pool of water completely dyed red and it was found that it originates from the water springs at the top of the mountains in Ghor Al-Haditha and gathers in parts of the collapse craters that were formed after the waters of the Dead Sea receded over the years.

The spokesman for the Jordanian Ministry of Water, Omar Salama, said that the red pool that appeared in the Dead Sea area is isolated from the sea, and does not drain into it, and that specialized teams from the Ministry of Water took samples to examine the pool that contains red water, and they were sent to laboratories for analysis and confirmation of its source. The results will be announced as soon as they are released, according to Sky News Arabia.

For his part, the Director of Agriculture in the Southern Jordan Valley, Eng. Yassin al-Kasasbeh, said that the directorate is inspecting the site and determining the reasons that made the water red, and it is likely that it is due to the presence of bacteria and red algae, which change color with the presence of sunlight, which reflects on the color of the water.

Years ago, the Dead Sea water receded rapidly and broke world records in the rate of decrease in its water level, estimated at 102 meters annually, as a result of the high evaporation rate and low rainfall rates, in addition to the decrease in the amount of water that used to reach the Dead Sea from the Jordan River, as a result of the construction of dams and water gatherings.

The projects are on the headwaters of the rivers of Lake Tiberias, located within the course of the Jordan River, which used to feed the Dead Sea.

Source: Middle East