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Navalny Detained In Moscow. Belarus-Like Scenario Started?

The plane with Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, his wife Yulia and journalists on board landed in Moscow at 8 p.m. Moscow time. Initially, his plane was supposed to land at Vnukovo Airport, but for “technical reasons” it landed at Sheremetyevo airport.

Navalny was detained while passing through border control.

He received probation under several criminal sentences for fraud and money laundering. He violated the probation conditions that led to imprisonment.

Navalny’s arrival was covered by all Russian liberal pro-Western media, including Radio Liberty, TV Rain etc.

The live broadcast of the detention clearly demonstrated that that was exactly what Navalny expected; that he deliberately took this step.

While staying in Germany, he promoted his wife, in fact introducing her into active politics.

For example, in one of his interviews, he said that his wife has even more radical point of view on the internal political situation in Russia and actively took part in political discussion.

Highly likely, Russia may face the implementation of the scenario that took place in Belarus, where the opposition leader Sergei Tikhanovsky was replaced by his wife Yulia.

The nomination of a female for the role of opposition leader in so-called “totalitarian” countries is part of a neo-liberal trend that is gaining momentum in the West.

Through so-called suppressed minorities and suffering women, the producers of such scenarios create an illustrative picture of their struggle for a “Brave New World”, where fabulous equality should reign.

On the other hand, the Russian special services probably have already taken into account the high risks of such a scenario and are preparing to counteract it.

For example, on the eve of Navalny’s return, compromising information discrediting Navalny was leaked to the Russian conservative media TsargradTV.

This information relates to everyday personal life of Navalny, his political contacts with foreign politicians and special services, and also concerns his wife. TsargradTV said it was starting to publish a series of investigations based on these facts. The series will be released sequentially one after another. Most likely, each subsequent part will have more resonant data than the previous one.

This seems to be the way the Russian special services will try to keep Navalny’s wife from starting the implementation of the Belarusian scenario.

Header: Aleksey and Yulia Navalny in the airport (Source: Kira_Yarmysh / Twitter)