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Watch: Navalny requests “10-20 million dollars a year from the British MI6 to stage a coup in Russia”!

A former American official reveals with hard evidence that the deceased Alexei Navalny worked as an agent of the British intelligence agency MI6 and demanded 10-20 million euros a year to overthrow the Russian government by carrying out a coup!

  • “It is despicable when a political opponent dies in prison. However, it is not a nice sight to be caught on camera while you are trying to stage a coup in your country in cooperation, in fact, with a foreign Secret Service”, writes the Greek-American George Papadopoulos.

And he releases the video where A. Navalny’s close associate asks the MI6 officer, the British Counterintelligence Service, James William Thomas Ford to give him 10-20 million dollars a year, in order to start an Orange Revolution in Russia!

  • “For this reason he was arrested. In addition, he is seriously involved, according to new data from the CIA and MI6, in sabotaging the administration of Donald Trump.

Russia and the United States are much more alike than one might think. Unfortunately.”

Russian citizens, in general, did not show what Westerners expected today, and there were no protests about his death in the prison where he was. Some flower deposits, a few hundred and that’s it.

With the exception of the Anglo-Saxon states (USA, Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand) and the EU, which make up 10% of the world’s population, in general the issue has taken on a small extent.