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Nearly 900 coronavirus cases confirmed in Russian army

Nearly 900 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the Russian armed forces since March, the Russian defense ministry said on Sunday.

“Total testing in the Russian armed forces in a period from March to April 26 has revealed 874 coronavirus-positive results,” it said.

According to the ministry, a total of 314 servicemen are undergoing treatment at the ministry’s hospitals, 175 servicemen are being treated at medical establishments at their units, six were taken to public health institutions, and 379 people are under home quarantine.

According to the ministry, four servicemen are in serious condition, with one of them being connected to artificial lung ventilation. Fifteen are in condition of medium gravity, and the rest have no symptoms.

Apart from that, as many as 245 civilian personnel employed by the Russian armed forces have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

According to the ministry, as many as 779 students of military higher education establishments have tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Most of them have no symptoms.

According to the ministry, all servicemen undergo medical examination every day. Transport vehicles and living premises are disinfected on the daily bases.

Header: An 18-year-old National Guard serviceman spoke to RTD in the hospital corridors after testing positive for Covid-19 while in his unit. He didn’t feel sick at all, despite the computer tomography revealing a bilateral pneumonia.

Source: TASS