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Nepal: What EU wants

The European Union Election Observation Mission disclosed its report last week [our note: 2018] directing the Nepali state to remove quota system for Khas Arya community and raising question on the constitution ratified by sovereign Constituent Assembly. It sent shockwaves across the political spectrums. Many leaders warned the EU not to undermine Nepal’s sovereignty. Prime Minister K P Oli took a bold step and asked EU not to interfere in internal matters.

We react only when consequences become visible. To understand why EU does what it does in Nepal, we have to look deeper.

The EU has adopted what Samuel P Huntington calls ‘clash of civilizations’ against policy of economic civilization in Asian region.

Under the first approach, it creates a havoc in other countries under cover of human rights.

The second approach concentrates on the prosperity of all via expansion of trade. This is not their priority at the moment.

The West, EU in particular, has not been able to push economic issues for economy of Europe and America is going downhill, while Asia is emerging.

Until the World War II, they established their domination through colonial ties. Now they do so in the name of human rights and indigenous rights using them as tools to create fault lines along social society, religious and cultural issues.

In the name of human rights, and rights of indigenous people they have wrecked havoc in many other countries. Their main goals are spreading Christianity and gaining control over reserves of resources in Asian region. To achieve this goal they have invested a lot to produce fifth columnists from among money loving scholars, civil servants, politicians and other actors, who incite divisions among people in the name of ethnicity, compartmentalizing people into Khas Arya and non-Khas Arya groups and projecting them as enemies of each other. The EU report is manifestation of the same. But broadly it is the continuation of the policy the West had taken even during the World War II era, main objective of which was to cripple Asian economy so as to strengthen theirs.

The West have their eyes on Nepal because it lies in geo-strategic location. They see Nepal as a platform wherefrom to control India and China.

Ill intention

I am not against human rights and rights of indigenous people. But the way EU is promoting them smacks of ill intentions. They divide people along the lines of race, region, religion and ethnicity. They develop their network to spread Christianity all over the world.

So the heads of EU missions and other western agencies in Nepal work in such ways that pit one group of people against others, spread hatred among the communities and thereby creating conflict. For this, they project one group of people as oppressors and the other as the oppressed.

This is why Nepal should carefully watch what the western agencies or the agencies funded by them do here. There are reports of these agencies providing even funding to separatist groups in Tarai, even meeting them secretly. Under their funding there are people who write to spread hate and divide people along race, ethnicity and castes.

This policy of creating fault lines among ourselves must be resisted. Nepal should side with ‘economic civilization’ framework.

Nepal has forever remained a sovereign and independent country. Any attempt to undermine this should be resisted by the government, political parties and people.

Reportedly, the EU is pushing for cow slaughtering bill. This must be resisted. It is a strategy to create conflict between the Hindus and non-Hindus.

I want to be proven wrong in these assessments but some of the things the EU is doing really makes me suspicious of their intention.

Nepal is the home of more than 100 ethnic communities, multiple castes and multiple languages.

Why should EU always target Brahmins and Chhetris (or Khas Arya) and attack their culture and way of life? This makes me believe EU is a conflict generator.

In a civilized society, no country interferes in internal affairs of other countries by enforcing their prescriptions without understanding ground realities of those countries.

But EU, which takes pride its civilization and democracy, is issuing random statement and prescription against the provision that has been democratically settled in Nepal.

This is an invasion into Nepal to sabotage its national security and incite innocent Nepalis to fight and kill each other. Nepalis should wake to this reality and take every overture of EU with extreme caution.

Source: Prem Singh Basnyat – myRepublica

  • The author is retired Brigadier General of Nepal Army
  • This article was originally published in March 2018