Netanyahu burned documents after Hamas operation: Israeli media

The so-called “Democratic Movement in Israel” claimed that the office of Israeli occupation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu burned documents after the launch of the Resistance’s Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on October 7 to evade responsibility for the premier’s failure.

The movement also announced that it had requested the Attorney General to investigate the aforementioned allegations.

  • The Israeli Channel 12 had reported, citing military sources, that Netanyahu is running a campaign to undermine Israeli military chiefs in order to acquit himself of responsibility for the defeat suffered on October 7.

According to Channel 12, Netanyahu is collecting reports and information that would aid his claim to avoid responsibility for the intelligence and military failure.

According to the survey, 80% of Israelis believe that Netanyahu should also accept responsibility publicly, a sentiment echoed by 69% of those who voted for Netanyahu’s Likud party in last year’s election. Conversely, only 8% of settlers oppose this move.

Another opinion poll after the start of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood showed that about 92% of Israelis are extremely concerned and that 84% hold the Netanyahu government responsible for the failure.

  • The Israeli government, specifically its head, Netanyahu, faces massive accusations from both political opponents and settlers due to its failure to contain the Resistance’s operation and the inability of the Israeli military to protect Israeli settlers.

Former Israeli occupation Prime Minister EHUD BARAK TOLD THE BRITISH MAGAZINE THE ECONOMIST that Netanyahu bears responsibility for the “greatest failure in Israel’s history” and advised the premier not to rush to a ground invasion into the Gaza Strip.

  • Former Northern Command Chief in the Israeli military reserves, Major General Nimrod Sheffer, considered that “Netanyahu and his entire government bear responsibility for the failure.”

Source: Al Mayedeen

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