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Netanyahu declares ‘special status’ in areas around Gaza for first time since 2014

Sderot kindergarten heavily damaged by rocket.

Explosion in yard of building punctures wall, shatters windows; two other schools also damaged by projectiles.

Over 450 rockets and mortar shells were fired into southern Israel from the Gaza Strip over the course of 24 hours over the weekend.

The Magen David Adom ambulance service reported that it treated over 100 people injured or traumatized in the rocket attacks, including nine people with shrapnel wounds and dozens injured as they ran for shelter. When warning sirens sound, residents in the areas bordering the Gaza Strip have a maximum of 15 seconds to reach safety before rockets explode.

Gearing up for days of fighting, IDF sends tank reinforcements to Gaza border.

World responds:

US ‘stands with Israel and fully supports its right to self-defense’

“Attacks against the civilian population are unacceptable,” the Romanian Foreign Ministry says in a tweet.

The spokesperson for Czech President Milos Zeman posts a photo of himself wearing an IDF hat and tweets: “Israel faces a vile and insidious massive terrorist missile attack. We fight with you, friends! We are thinking about you!”