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Netanyahu: Goal to vaccinate 90% of people over 50

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu set a goal of expanding the vaccination campaign in the coming days, with an emphasis on those aged 50 and over.

“We are in the middle of a race between the vaccination campaign and the mutation,” Netanyahu said Tuesday evening.

“The vaccination campaign is our key to the plan to get out of the corona crisis. The mutation is hitting the whole world.”

“We have also encountered the mutation. A few days ago it was about 70% of our total samples, and today it is about 80%. A huge spread,” he explained.

“97% of the dead are in the age groups of 50 and over. 93% of the critically ill are in the age groups of 50 and over. If we took control of the disease at these ages, we would take control of the plague,” Netanyahu noted.

“I set a national target to vaccinate at least 90% of those aged 50 and over in the next two weeks, it is possible. It allows us to save lives. Every day determines. Another three days of lockdown means another 200,000 protected people,” the prime minister added.

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein warned against lifting the lockdown too early, saying that doing so this coming Friday would turn that day into “Black Friday.”

Edelstein noted that while there is no legal obligation to get vaccinated but there is a civic obligation to get vaccinated, “it is in the fence and love your neighbor as yourself.”

Source: Arutz Sheva