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Netanyahu: ‘Israel has become a vassal state of the United States’

Opposition Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu addressed two issues that concern him.

“There is a glue in this government. The glue is talking to you right now – I’m the glue. The government needs to be overthrown for several reasons – one of which is the Iranian issue. The United States is going to go back to the nuclear deal. If Israel bows its head and agrees, how can it come and complain after that?”

“Beyond that, the government agreed not to surprise the United States. I never promised to let them know in advance – because they can say ‘we have an agreement, what do you want’, and on the other hand they can leak it and suddenly we read about it in one of the newspapers.”

“This government has become a vassal government, as soon as it does not fight the agreement and announces that it will not surprise the United States. The government ‘contains,’ a word that people like to use. That is the thing that bothers me the most,” he added.

He said, “The second price is the Islamic Movement’s control over Israel and the Negev. When Acting Prime Minister Mahmoud ‘the Boss’ goes to Jordan, he talks about a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as it’s capital – a terrible thing. It goes against everything we did. We made a breakthrough with the Abraham Accords by bypassing the Palestinians, and we have offered ‘peace for peace.’ They are taking us backward with a weak policy. Had it not been for the actions we took, Iran would have had a nuclear arsenal for years.”

“These are the two issues that bother me – the takeover by the Islamic Movement and the weakness on Iranian issue.”

Source: Arutz Sheva