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Netanyahu promises: ‘No more lockdowns’

PM Netanyahu told Ynet News Israel would not be seeing further lockdowns following the March 23 elections.

The premier did, however, warn that additional outbreaks of new COVID-19 strains could bring about health safety measures to curb morbidity.

Israel has been widely viewed as the world leader in its nationwide campaign to vaccinate residents, hoping that once a wide majority of adults receive the jab, herd immunity will prevent additional outbreaks in virus morbidity.

During the interview, Netanyahu was pressed on the country’s excessively high per-capita COVID-related death rate, to which he answered that Israel has seen less Corona victims than other countries of comparable size.

“Six thousand dead is a difficult number for all of us, but it is much less than other countries our size,” pointed out Netanyahu.

The upcoming general elections are expected to bring Israelis visiting abroad back home as they participate in the fourth election round in two years. Netanyahu’s supporters point to his administration purchase of millions of Corona vaccines well ahead of other nations albeit for a steeper price, while detractors maintain the Likud made a number of costly mistakes throughout the crisis, including allowing foreigners into Israel during morbidity spikes and lack of equal enforcement nationwide.

Source: Arutz Sheva

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was interviewed today (Tuesday) by journalist Moran Azulay at the Ynet studio, and during the interview Netanyahu called on her to take off her headphones. “A hundred people right now are telling you ‘interrupt him, interrupt him.'”

Azoulay interrupted Prime Minister Netanyahu’s remarks during the interview, to which the latter responded: “Let me complete a sentence. We are going to teach you to be an interviewer.”

Azoulay told the prime minister: “Don’t grade me, Mr. Prime Minister.” In response, Netanyahu said: “You tell the prime minister that you want to hear his responses, but then you don’t let him answer.”

“Just don’t grade me and don’t send me to Britain,” Azoulay said, to which Netanyahu responded: “I give terrible scores to the Israeli media, because it is not willing to let things be said. You know what? Take off your headphones, because a hundred people are currently telling you, ‘Interrupt him, interrupt him.'”

Netanyahu added: “I’m talking about the hundred editors sitting in the back, who do not represent the people who stand and support me and who want to hear what I have to say.”

Ynet journalist Ran Boker criticized Netanyahu’s conduct during the interview on his Twitter account: “Mr. Prime Minister, she will take off her headphones when you stop looking aside at your teleprompter in every interview. What a repulsive and chauvinistic remark. Respect your interviewers as you are respected.”

Source: Arutz Sheva