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Netanyahu tells Israelis: Now it’s an ORDER — you must stay at home

Prime Minister Netanyahu says the tightened rules aim “to save many lives” and “if anyone thinks I’m exaggerating, look at the pictures of what is happening in Spain and Italy” where “teams are piling the dead into special vehicles. That must not happen here. We have to do everything to ensure it doesn’t happen.”

Everyone must stay home unless their work has been officially deemed vital.

“You can go out to buy food and medicines, and for medical treatment and other exceptions,” he adds. “If you do go out, don’t gather, maintain hygiene, and keep the 2-meter minimum distance from each other.”

Regarding a potential shortfall of medical equipment in Israeli hospitals, Netanyahu says the entire world is lacking protective medical equipment. He says it is “impossible” to hold such equipment for years on end to prepare for a virus outbreak, adding that Israel is working to fill all the gaps.

He says he aims to reach 3,000 tests a day by Sunday, and 5,000 the following week: “This will put Israel among the leading countries in the world.”

There were no immediate details on what the punishment would be for violators, although multiple reports earlier said it would be fines.

“All of you are warriors in the fight against the coronavirus,” Netanyahu tells the nation. “Don’t say this won’t happen to me, because if you don’t act properly, it will happen to you. Don’t say, it’ll be alright, because if you don’t act properly, it won’t be alright.”